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Kathryn L. LeFevour, PCI

Licensed Private Detective/President
(Individual Licenses #115-002070 (IL) and #12661-63 (WI))

As President of Edward R. LeFevour and Associates, Ltd., Kathryn is currently licensed in the state of Illinois and Wisconsin as a Private Detective.  Kathryn is a Professional Certified Investigator (PCI), which is recognized by ASIS International as the highest professional investigator designation.

Previously employed with the Office of the Chief Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Kathryn was responsible in that position for assisting in the integration and sharing of information between several government agencies to support the adjudication of cases within one of the nation's largest court systems. The development and implementation of the computer information sharing system ensured efficiency and the integrity of information. Kathryn has utilized this valuable experience in her current capacity managing the operations of Edward R. LeFevour and Associates, Ltd. Kathryn specializes in the location of witnesses, heirs and assets to support litigation. Kathryn regularly conducts time-sensitive national and global due diligence investigation to support clients' regulatory compliance for global business transactions in a post-9/11 era. Through her conduct of investigations and memberships with the World Association of Detectives (WAD) and ASIS International, Kathryn has developed a well-established domestic and international network of investigators. She continues to conduct investigations nationally as well as in over thirty foreign countries.

Kathryn has completed advanced training in open source intelligence (OSINT) gathering. This has included the completion of training by industry-recognized experts in the efficient and legal use of intelligence sources, including multifaceted social media sources necessary to support corporate, civil and criminal investigations.

Kathryn works closely with insurance carriers, special investigation units (SIUs) and attorneys in the management of investigations related to the detection of suspected fraud and theft. This includes substantial experience managing field surveillance units, the gathering and maintenance of evidence, and the completion of written reports to support field activities. Currently, Kathryn supports the agency's listing as a preferred vendor for multiple of the nation's largest insurance companies.

Kathryn regularly interfaces with the agency's clients in order to maintain valued professional relationships in order to support the client's objectives.

Notable: Graduate of Loras College (B.A. Political Science and International Studies), "Certified Criminal Defense Investigation" certificate from DePaul University, Member of ASIS International, World Association of Detectives (WAD), Associated Detectives & Security Agencies of Illinois, Inc. (ADSAI)

Edward R. LeFevour, CPP, MEP

(Individual Licenses #115-001079 (IL) and #10834-63 (WI))

Ed LeFevour has over thirty years of experience providing investigative services to the private and public sector including: aviation, business, insurance, construction, health, gaming, hospitality, law firms and large utilities. Ed has been licensed as a Private Detective in Illinois since 1993 and is also licensed in Wisconsin.

As an investigations professional, Ed managed safety and security at O'Hare International Airport, acting in the capacity of Safety Director for ten years (including state certified law enforcement officer for ten years in good standing). Ed was employed for six years in a position directly funded by a federal grant related to all hazard emergency preparedness and response with a focus on bioterrorism and influenza pandemic. Ed began his career and worked for six years as Chief Investigator for the prominent Chicago law firm of William J. Harte Ltd.

Ed is certified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as a Master Exercise Practitioner (MEP) and as a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) by ASIS International. Ed earned a Master of Science degree in Safety, Security and Emergency Management from Eastern Kentucky University and holds numerous technical certificate that support related work assignments.

Peter J. Saunders

Process Server / Investigator
(PERC License #129-262134)

Peter J. Saunders is a Loyola University of Chicago graduate. During his undergraduate years, Pete was a Legal Assistant for a prominent Chicago attorney.

Beginning as a part-time process server for Edward R. LeFevour & Associates, Ltd., Pete has been contracting with the company since 2002. Pete specializes in process service.

Pete has a strong sense of ethics and he believes that quick and efficient service for the customer is the best philosophy.

Investigative Licenses: Illinois No. 117-001192 and Wisconsin No. 16349

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