Our most popular services include, but are not limited to:

• Locate and Skip Trace Searches for Current Residence
• Heir/Estate Research
• Social Media Investigations
• Background and Due Diligence Investigations
• Landline and Mobile Telephone Trace Investigations
• Surveillance for Insurance Fraud cases
• Asset Searches

• Pre-employment screening
• Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Human Source

   Intelligence (HUMINT) searches

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Please contact our office to obtain a customized investigation plan

and quote for services.

In contractual circumstances, the following services are

also offered:
• Safety Consulting (Construction and General Industry)
• Security Consulting
• Worker’s Compensation Claims Management

Edward R. LeFevour & Associates, Ltd. provides a wide range of professional investigative services to attorneys, businesses of all sizes, and government entities throughout the Chicago area, nationally, and worldwide.

Investigative Licenses: Illinois No. 117-001192 and Wisconsin No. 16349

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